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Research at Yale

Research at Yale is an audience-driven web portal developed for the Provost’s Office to centralize information about Yale’s research processes and resources.  This site is primarily a catalog of hundreds of links and required a robust architecture, taxonomy, views, and paragraph display to manage, filter and display the content.    It also utilizes the university’s Bedework and RSS feeds to display customized calendar and news pages.

Primary Sources at Yale

I worked with a committee of staff from Yale’s archives, libraries and museums to create this portal website to bring together resources and information about primary source material throughout the university.  This visually appealing site uses the basic YaleSites Drupal 7 template with CSS customization to help users navigate quickly through the portal to the content resources available elsewhere in the university’s webspace.   Accessibility and Usability were the guiding principles in the site design and architecture.

18th Century at Yale

I worked with library and museum staff to envision, develop and build a web portal connecting scholars to 18th Century resources and collections throughout the university.   The site required a robust information architecture to showcase news, events, collections, people, and more.   Built within the standard YaleSites template, the site includes a wide array of visual materials and CSS customizations to evoke an eighteenth century design scheme.    It also leverages a variety of shared-content tools available through the Yale Drupal platform

Lab/Faculty websites at Yale

I organized and built Drupal 7  websites for Faculty within the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  Each site involved working with faculty to customize Drupal to present their research, publications and lab materials as they needed.    These sites all utilize Drupal’s Biblio module to manage extensive lists of publications.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Yale EEBI worked with a committee of faculty, staff and graduate students from the Yale University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) to migrate their old website to the Yale’s Drupal 7 platform.  This required a complete redesign of the site architecture and synthesizing content from several existing websites into a single easy-to-navigate site.  I customized Drupal views, content-types, CSS, blocks and more for this site’s particular needs, and coordinated a somewhat complex production roll-out with Yale IT staff.