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Primary Sources at Yale

I worked with a committee of staff from Yale’s archives, libraries and museums to create this portal website to bring together resources and information about primary source material throughout the university.  This visually appealing site uses the basic YaleSites Drupal 7 template with CSS customization to help users navigate quickly through the portal to the content resources available elsewhere in the university’s webspace.   Accessibility and Usability were the guiding principles in the site design and architecture.

18th Century at Yale

I worked with library and museum staff to envision, develop and build a web portal connecting scholars to 18th Century resources and collections throughout the university.   The site required a robust information architecture to showcase news, events, collections, people, and more.   Built within the standard YaleSites template, the site includes a wide array of visual materials and CSS customizations to evoke an eighteenth century design scheme.    It also leverages a variety of shared-content tools available through the Yale Drupal platform

Northeast Food Knowledge Ecosystem

A yearlong project to research and develop a prototype “knowledge ecosystem” in Drupal to aggregate and deliver information tools and resources related to local food systems.  I researched relevant information systems and tools in order to architect a robust framework within Drupal.   Worked with a geographically-dispersed team of technical developers and project stakeholders to build this grant-funded pilot project.

Outcome:  Pilot project formed the basis for current NESAWG Directory of Food System Organizations

NorthEast Research Libraries Consortium (NERL)

The NERL website is a custom theme built on Yale University’s Drupal 6 content management system (CMS), and takes full advantage of Drupal’s modularity and flexibility, which enabled us to develop a custom architecture for organizing and sharing NERL’s web content.

Much of the content on this website is restricted to NERL members, utilizing Drupal’s content access and user/role capabilities.   Drupal views are used to display different slices of the database information.

I worked with NERL to consolidate two existing html websites (public and private) into a single site.  I analyzed business needs, wrote the project specification, built the site within Yale’s drupal instrallation, worked with numerous technical service providers, and supervised external designers and programmers.