I am a professional librarian and web content developer located in Guilford, Connecticut with nearly 20 years of professional experience as an academic librarian at Yale University and as an information services consultant and web developer.

Web Development

I develop well-organized, smartly written, user-driven web sites designed for the specific needs of your library or organization. I specialize in content-rich web sites that showcase the client’s work, whether it be for libraries, museums, artists, or other business organizations, my work is driven by the principles of smart, simple and organized design.

Users First

My priority is to create websites that are easy to navigate and pleasant to visit. Design elements, navigation and content drive the website development process. I work with clients to develop a profile of potential customers/visitors, and create usable, user-friendly web experiences.

Organize, Edit, Manage information

Librarians are uniquely qualified to create and manage usable access to information. My primary goal is developing simple, well-edited, well-written pages, organized for easy browsing. Back-end organization and planning for future growth means a longer-lived, and robust website.

Project Management

From paper to screen, my technical and communicative skills will ensure that clients find the right technical and administrative solutions for each web project. I work with clients to develop a schedule and plan for projects so projects stay on time and within budget.

Content Management Systems

Create interactive, cutting-edge websites that utilize the latest technology to manage your data. Content management systems make it easier for clients to keep their websites up-to-date and vibrant through easy-to-use web-based editing clients. Team Approach I have a well-rounded database of librarians, information professionals, web technologists, and designers that I work with as needed to make your project a success.

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